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"I've been doing yoga with Susan since she offered that class to  our preschool 3 years ago and I really consider it life-changing, both mentally and physically! Her classes are very calming and I never feel bad when I can't do something. As someone who is VERY non athletic, this is the most success I've ever had with any kind of exercise program and it's made me brave enough 
                                                        to try other things, too!" - MG

"After just four months of twice weekly private sessions with Susan in our home, my husband and I are both more flexible physically, more relaxed mentally and we see improvements with each session.  Susan varies the tempo and intensity of each workout, instructing our private sessions at our beginner pace, while still challenging us.  She also excels at helping us find modifications to suit our abilities.  We highly recommend Susan's private sessions!" - T&T

"I have found yoga to be transformative.  It is the perfect pairing to my other exercise, but surpasses all in terms of building mind and body strength.  Susan is a masterful instructor in leading a class and offering guidance and challenge.  Each of her classes is a workout as well as complete renewal. I was hesitant to start practice being nearly 60, but the reward from class is such that I know I will continue it for the rest of my life." - KH

"To me yoga is so much more than a workout. Yes, I love that it keeps me toned and limber and definitely improves my balance and strength. As I get older, I appreciate all these physical benefits more and more. The true value of yoga to me, though, is the way it helps work out the kinks in a busy life. After yoga, I feel calm, refreshed and energized. I get so much more accomplished the weeks that I attend class regularly. Taking a few hours out of my schedule to breathe deeply, move deliberately and think mindfully buys me more productive time off the mat.  Namaste!" - Melanie

"As an exercise instructor, I find it imperative to do yoga as well.  Susan's classes give me the opportunity to slow everything down and to stretch my muscles; while also improving my core strength.  Susan does this in a very thoughtful and intuitive way.  And I can attest to the value of core muscles; it is the strength behind all our daily movements and activities. I've been doing Susan's class for several years and can't imagine not doing yoga. Before starting Susan's classes -- I thought yoga would be boring..... Luckily I was wrong; you won't believe how quick an hour will go by." - AN

"In 49 years, I have never enjoyed exercise so much. Susan provides professional instruction while simultaneously gently encouraging beginners, along with offering modifications to challenge the more seasoned yogis. Even with a few injuries to contend with, I have managed to increase my overall flexibility by 20% in just two months. Strengthening, stretching, and toning have improved my core and upper body strength as well. I highly recommend Susan Doyle’s Zenergy Yoga for anyone who is interested in falling in love with exercise and increasing their fitness level." - Diane Lingenfelter

"Susan Doyle should be dubbed the Yoga whisperer for the way she guides my stiff muscles and stressed out mind into a limber and restful state.  With her gentle affirmations, I always leave mentally and physically ready to tackle my day in a positive way.   It's a real workout, which I love and Susan gives us many different positions to undertake for each exercise.  Since I started coming to Susan's classes, my body has toned up in places I didn't even realize you could tone! Thank you, Susan!"  - CW

"I'm not sure if Susan realized she would turn me into a "yogi" when I first started coming to her classes, but she did and I am more than happy about it! My yoga journey has been amazing. Her class is a great work out, a major stress reliever and I leave feeling energized, balanced and ready to take on my day." - EL

"I discovered Zenergy Yoga a year ago after having tried several local yoga studios. Susan is an excellent teacher for students of all levels. She creates a healthy and challenging environment. I feel refreshed physically and spiritually at the end of every session. Yoga is now a highlight in my weekly schedule."  - Vincent Brault

"Zenergy Yoga motivates the individual for positive change!  The Zenergy practice invites you to breathe—pausing the demands of life to allow one’s focus to move inward; with purpose, mastery and self care. Susan creates a contagious feeling of giving and being charitable to yourself and to others on and off the mat!" - JJH 

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